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If the Villa Rosental is not available for your event or doesn't fulfil your wishes, we can offer you some alternatives regarding our services.

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Please select 2 Locations.

 Baroque atmosphere (150 people), Leipzig-Centre

 Modern conference venues
(up to 100 people), Leipzig-Centre

 Modern and conference (100 people), Leipzig-Centre

 Castle at the Rosental (80 people)

 Experience Art Nouveau (400 people)

 Ballroom in a historical atmosphere

 Castle in a special ambience
(200 people)

 PC Station Villa Rosental

 Historical atmosphere 120 people, Leipzig-Centre

 Little house at the Canal (80 people)

 PC-pool (30 people), Leipzig, North

 Hall in the middle of Leipzig (200 people)

 Underground in the city (120 people)

 Atrium near city centre (400 people)

 Techniques in a special ambience
(200 people)

 Small but fine (80 people)

 Enterprise in the city (100 people)

 Castle (200 people), Leipzig county Mundentalkreis

 Ballroom over the roofs of Leipzig
(250 people)

 Meeting rooms at the Rosental (120 people)

 Over the roofs of LE (50 people)

 The somewhat different event location
(500 people)

 Party room at the city centre
(60 people)

 Historical concert hall
(100 people)

 Normal venue for events such as seminars and parties (100 people)

 Multifunctional location for congresses
and conferences (150-200 people).

 Seminar room in the inner city
(40 people)

 Conference room in a special atmosphere (40 people)

 Venues throughout Leipzig and Germany 0341 980 40 59

 multimedial Room of art

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