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If you mean well, start giving presents and it will just enrich you too.

Surprise your family, your friends, your colleagues or yourself with a very special voucher. Give someone happiness and the desire for something new.

Veranstaltungs Ticket free choice
from 10 €

Just choose an event from our varied offer and give it as a present. If the persons you would like to give a present to have other plans regarding their schedule or contents of the event, you can fall back on alternatives (with a balance in terms of value) that we offer you with pleasure on request.

Freizeit Ticket variable for you to taste
from 20 €

You can surprise the person you would like to give a present to with our diverse services. In doing so, they will be able to get to know our offers such as trial lessons of selected courses and workshops.

Kurs Ticket for dance, relaxation or language courses
from 30 €

Here you can give away a course, e.g.

  • a salsa-/merengue dance course for 30 € (4 UE) or a standard/latin dance course for 84 Euro (12 UE)
  • a Tai Ji Quan course for 80 € (10 UE)
  • an English course for 160 € (20 UE)
This ticket is valid for one person and in accordance with the course schedule, the base level and individual interests.

from 15 €

The gift basket offers you an event-oriented present that is only valid for this event and this date.

IMPORTANT: The acquired voucher cannot be refunded. However, you have the opportunity to redeem your voucher for other events of our house according to the offer.


Please call us (Telephone: 0341 980 40 59) or use the contact form.

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